We offer three types of services:


HumanClan offer you a live musical duo musical en LIVE.
A percussionist and a singer multi instrumentalists
We basically mix tribal, electro and world music
Nous avons également 2 autres projets à proposer :
Humankan and TheMagix

Duo electro tribal world music and others 


Looper multi instrumentalist mixing tribal world music and others 


Tribal electro musician singer
world music and other genres


We can install a stage to play our concerts, let play other groups
and organize open stages, jam sessions, conferences, shows, plays….



  • microphone stands with microphones .
  • various instruments .
  • autonomous sound system
  • overhead projectorto project videos or images for a conference or a show

We can also film, take photos and audio recording
See the following section concerning our recording services.


During our various artistic projects we have acquired equipment and skills
that we offer today as services .

Audio recording

  • Audio recording of voices and instruments
  • arrangements
  • mixes and songs finalizing
  • guidance, support, advice from our experiences

Video recording

  • video recordings 
  • video editing simple or complex with visual effects and tricks
  • filming on a green background for various inlays
  • aerial video recordings in DRONE 

Photo shooting

  • indoor or outdoor photoshoot
  • photo shoot on a green screen for various overlays
  • Photo editing 
  • photo montages

Our percussionist is also professional website builder,
you will find more information on the services offered on the site digikoder.com